Save and invest

A decentralized saving plan with inbuilt Shared Spaces. Save easily and find a better way to budget—all in one place on your smartphone.

Shared Space

With our Shared Space, users can invite up to 2-15 friends/participants to join and manage funds together in one or more of the sub-accounts.


This allows you to organize your crypto or easily save up for big purchases. Users can still move their crypto-asset from the Shared Space back to their main account. If the user deletes a space, a crypto asset in that space gets to be moved back to the main account.


Investing your money should not be a hard thing to do or stress you out. With our automated technology, investing is easier, better, and more accessible.

Earn up to 15% returns on investment (ROI) for a duration of 12months on any of the crypto assets listed on our investment package.


You can lock your crypto away for specific period of time and earn up to 15%.


A Decentralized Saving designed to allow you to save Daily, Weekly, or Monthly towards a goal. You can link your Share Space to this package to allow you to earn up to 12% annual interest.


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