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Bitcoin Traders App is a safe, easy-to-use, and innovative platform tailored to provide learning/training guides for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Who we are?

Our goal is to help traders make a profit by teaching them the very same techniques employed by professional crypto traders in amassing huge profit whether or not it is a bull or bear market.

The big idea, therefore, is to offer reliable methods of trading crypto assets to yield immense gains and make the learning of blockchain’s impact in today’s world a breeze.

To that effect, we provide basic fundamental and technical analysis on all cryptocurrencies for our users and generally, crypto lovers. There are also a good number of sessions on our platform where crypto fanatics will be trained on simple and proven ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their own.

What we deliver?

Over and above that, BiTA focuses on creating an environment where people can actually become BiTA agents. As agents, they can buy and sell bitcoin in their community whilst getting paid for their efforts. Registered agents can also decide to run the business from a physical shop or online platform.

It’s also worthy to note that at BiTA, we have the objective of promoting the adoption of bitcoin as a method of payment in reputable restaurants within our localities.

Allows you to become a BiTA Agent.

Teaches you how to trade Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.

We provide signals of coins to buy and sell with minimal risk in the trading process.

Provides you with Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine (BATM) that offers bi-directional functionality to users by enabling both the purchase of bitcoin, pay for bitcoin with their fiat as well as sale bitcoin for cash.

We’re driven by our values

We strive to create a lasting impression on all our users, hence keen on these core values we are built on.


BiTA is committed to delivering its task with honesty and integrity.


We make sure the Data provided on our platform will not be leaked to a third party.


We are committed to running BiTA 24/7.


We have provided the best flexible and yet most easy to Access Platform.

Our Mission

To Build a safe and accessible platform for learning and trading cryptocurrencies and also provide professional services that gives value to Crypto enthusiasts.

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Our Vision

To be the paramount Crypto Learning/Training Platform in Africa.

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