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A safe and easy to use platform

Bitcoin Traders’ App (BiTA) is a safe, easy-to-use, and innovative platform tailored to provide learning guides to blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

e-learning platform

BiTA offers an AI-powered virtual teaching assistant to its online students. The programs don’t just provide answers to common questions, they also analyze the learning process and make suggestions to optimize our training approach.

Our virtual assistant also offers 24/7 support to students. Coupled with a robust mobile app, students can literally carry the assistant in their pocket, thus getting answers to questions at any time and from anywhere.

What’s more, the teaching assistant can be deployed to offline students who have queries and require further assistance with technical analysis.


The BiTA app will support swapping from crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, and fiat to crypto. This swapping technique is to enable users to convert crypto or fiat deposited into their BiTA wallet to any asset class. It’ll also eliminate the need to transfer certain assets to exchanges before they can be converted.

p2p trading

The BiTA app will feature a P2P section to handle seamless trades between individuals in the same country. This will enable people to buy and sell cryptocurrency with anyone in the world through our safe and secured platform. BiTA will serve as an escrow between transacting parties until funds are disbursed.

Save and invest

A decentralized saving plan with inbuilt Shared Spaces.

Shared Space – With our Shared Space, users can invite up to 2-15 friends/participants to join and manage funds together in one or more of the sub-accounts.

Sub-Spaces – This allows you to organize your crypto or easily save up for big purchases. Users can still move their crypto-asset from the Shared Space back to their main account. If the user deletes a space, a crypto asset in that space gets to be moved back to the main account.

utility payments

The BiTA app will have a utility bill payment function as one of its sub-features. This will allow users to safely pay utility bills such as electricity bills, water bills, cable subscriptions, etc. seamlessly.

Users of the app will also be able to buy airtime and subscribe for data plans on all major networks in Nigeria.


Accept Bitcoin,
and other cryptos
in minutes

If you are looking to accept payments online locally or globally, you can do so with BiTA-Pay. This means you can collect cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, BNB, Etherum, and others as payment from customers around the world.



What our students are saying

BiTA has been more than a trading school to me. It’s a family of positive-minded people who have helped, driving me out of my comfort zone and spurring me to be better as a trader in a short period of time. Making at least10% profit most of the day is now new normalcy for the past month. Thank you BiTA!

Jayeola Idris Olayiwola

Barely four months on BiTA, I was able to amass the knowledge to trade Bitcoin and some altcoins. And so far, I’ve traded a range of cryptocurrencies for a profit. The high-level support and useful resources provided during training are the major factors that aided in my learning.

Grace Joseph

I joined BiTA global network in February 2020 to acquire Knowledge on Trading Cryptocurrencies. (digital assets)
BiTA has not only improved my trading skills but also created beautiful insights about the future, investments and risk management. I’m a proud BiTA student!!!

Udeaja Favour

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