BiTA, a platform built to onboard laymen into the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

BiTA is an e-learning platform where individuals learn relevant and profitable trading techniques that helps them make money in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem

A safe and easy to use platform

Bitcoin Traders App is a safe, easy-to-use, and innovative platform tailored to provide learning/training
guides for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Some amazing features

BiTA offers various features that allow users learning crypto trading trade on their own via our everyday ALT signals.

Personalized Wallet

BiTA gives you the opportunity to have your own wallet, be it bitcoin, naira, ethureum, and others, giving you the ability to pay bills and perform other transactions with.

Bills Management

Make payment of your daily bills easily with the BiTA platform be it airtime purchase, utility bill payment, and data purchase. Never be stranded with BiTA.


Our team of trainers is one of the best you can find around. They traded in every market condition and have earned the name “expert traders.”

Consistent Coin Signal

With our coin signal Feature, you’ll never miss out on Updates on best practices and what to trade on per time.

What is Bitcoin?

“I Think the Internet Is Going to Be One of The Major Forces for Reducing the Role of Government. The One Thing That’s Missing but That Will Soon Be Developed, Is A Reliable E-Cash. Bitcoin Seems to Be A Very Promising Idea! “ — Professor Milton Friedman

Why learn with us?

Expert Trainers

Our team of trainers is one of the best you can find around. They traded in every market condition and have earned the name “expert traders.”


We have trained over 500 cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria since BiTA was launched in 2019.


When you sign up with us, you automatically become a member of a community that supports one another.

Tailored Content

Our training materials are so simplified that even a toddler would understand the concepts discussed. We employ a methodology that caters to learners’ dynamics to promote effective and efficient learning.

Our customers


Here’s what our students have to say:

BiTA has been more than a trading school to me. It’s a family of positive-minded people who has helped, drive me out of my comfort zone and spur me to be better as a trader in a short period of time. Making at least10% profit most of the day is now a new normalcy for the past month. Thank you BiTA!

Jayeola Idris Olayiwola

Barely four months on BiTA, I was able to amass the knowledge to trade Bitcoin and some altcoins. And so far, I’ve traded a range of cryptocurrencies for a profit. The high-level support and useful resources provided during training are the major factors that aided in my learning.

Grace Joseph

I joined BiTA global network in February 2020 to acquire Knowledge on Trading Cryptocurrencies. (digital assets)
BiTA has not only improved my trading skills but also created beautiful insights about the future, investments and risk management. I’m a proud BiTA student!!!

Udeaja Favour

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